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About OpenWire INC

OpenWire.Inc is a technology enabled startup, working on platforms that enables seamless computing over the cloud. Started in 2016, with an aim to bring high compute power to low end devices a reality. Our mission is to transform the current computing landscape by centralising the infrastructure making it accessible for everyone at a minimal cost.


Vapor is a consumer oriented remote computing service that offers a personalized computing environment, storage, and network solutions. Vapor is a combination of our advanced cloud infrastructure service Vapor Cloud and our free operating system Vapor OS optimised for streaming. With Vapor Cloud, users can choose the performance and storage they need, ranging from that of a minicomputer to a workstation. The interaction with the local system is relayed to the remote system on our servers and the display from the remote system is streamed across the network to the user. With our high efficient encoders, real time source capture and networking, the experience becomes seamless between the local and remote systems with very low latency while maintaining high quality. Data and programs stored on the Vapor Cloud are encrypted and safe from breaches or data loss, and is readily available across devices.


Power of a workstation, form factor of a laptop.


We have a plan for every customer.

Take Anywhere

Light weight and portable

Super smooth

Ultra low latency streaming.


Keep data on the cloud encrypted.

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5205 Rising Comet Lane
Green Acres, FL
+1 (321) 465-5199
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Mon - Fri: 9am to 6pm
Sat : 9am to 1pm

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