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OpenWire.Inc is a technology enabled startup, working on platforms that enables seamless computing over the cloud. Started in 2016, with an aim to bring the idea of streaming graphic intensive games to even low end devices a reality. With our advanced custom hardware and state-of-the-art user friendly softwares, we are trying to bring ideas that were just a concept until now to a reality. This includes our technology that makes it possible to stream graphic intensive games to various devices on various platforms. No more need of buying expensive PC rigs or consoles just for gaming. Play your games on any device you like. We are using the most modern technology to bring this idea to life with the highest performance at the lowest cost.


PlayOn is the future of gaming technology. It makes cloud gaming a reality. PlayOn allows you to subscribe to your favourite games and play it on any device as much as you want. All you need is a good unlimited and stable internet connection. PlayOn runs games on high end dedicated servers and streams it to your device using realtime compression technologies. This allows you to experience a lag free and immense gaming experince on any HTML5 compliant device. Thus PlayOn will change the way of gaming.

Stream to any device.

Forget about buying costly hardware. Play games on any device.

UHD Gameplay

Play games at UHD resolution. Internet speed is the only limiting factor.

Low Bandwidth Usage

State of the art technology ensures best experience even at the lowest bandwidth.

Huge Library of Games

There is a huge library of games to choose from. Access to games are based on subscriptions.

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