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About OpenWire INC

OpenWire.Inc is a technology enabled startup, working on platforms that enables seamless computing over the cloud. Started in 2016, with an aim to bring high compute power to low end devices a reality. Our mission is to transform the current computing landscape by centralising the infrastructure making it accessible for everyone at a minimal cost.


Vapor is a modern platform for secure delivery of virtual desktops across the network. It provides unique benefits and best-in-class technologies that enable one-to-many provisioning and streamlined management of users and applications for an agile, lightweight, modern approach that speeds, simplifies and reduces costs. Vapor delivers an immersive, feature rich user experience for end users across devices on the network. You can quickly add or remove users as the needs change. Enabled by enterprise-grade management capabilities, Vapor extends the digital workspace to all apps and secure productivity use cases.


Handle different levels of load.

Cost Effective

We have a plan for every customer.

Access From Anywhere

Pick up from right where you left off.

Super smooth

Ultra low latency streaming.


Highest standards for privacy and security.

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South Orange Ave
+(321) 878-967
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Mon - Sat: 9am to 5pm

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